2001 Pictures in Chronological order

Jigsaw: Medieval Window
2001, New Year

Skiing at Hochgurgl
January 2001

London Visit: The Eye
March 2001

The drive mechanism

Hungerford Bridge

St Paul's and the City

The Houses of Parliament

Over the Air Ministry to Horse Guards Parade
with a troop of cavalry

House of Parliament (again)

The Eye

The O2 Arena (The Dome)

Nice, for the EGS Congress
March 2001

Promenade des Anglais

Entrevaux, excursion from Nice

The top of the Cathedral

Cezanne Villa

Roman Remains

Rome for a Troposat meeting at Frascati
April 2001


The Palatine Hill

Ecstacy Beata Alberoni (Bernini)

Santa Maria in Travastere

Castel Sant Angelo

Saint Peter's

Across the Tiber

St Peter's

On the roof

Aldabrini Chapel In Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Berni's Elephant with an Obelisk

Easter Snow in Garmisch

Skiing Trip to Obergurgl

Eric and Pat's Visit to Garmisch

By the Riessersee

In the town

The Alpspitz

Beverly Minster

Garmisch: furniture to go home

Eclipse of the moon

Rainbow over the Ziegspitz

Trying out the boat on the Riessersee

Cactus Flower

Cactus flowers

Visitin Ted & Doreen on the way to Melanie's
May 2001

Visiting the Eden Project in Cornwall with Melanie

With Melanie

With Melanie

Berne Avenue, garden pictures

Visit to the Pacific NW of the USA and of Canada
July 2001

Wal in Federation Park, Washington

Mount Rainier

Chipmunk ?

Early morning Walk to see Mount Rainier

Amid the Giant Redwoods

Toppenish, Washington

Pasco, Washington

Ospeys, nesting

The Columbia River

Wit Katie and Jake Hales

Katie with the new puppy

Grand Coulee Dam

The road over the top

Downstream from the Dam

Kamloops with Katy and Colin James

Walk to the North of Kammloops

Sun Peaks, BC, up by Chairlift

Barkerville, BC

Timber at Quesnel, BC

Prince George: University of North British Columbia

Totem Poles at Hisprox, BC

The Stewart Glacier, BC

Bears fishing at Stewart

Hyder, southermost tip of Alaska

Hyder Airport!

Prince Rupert Totem Poles

Whale watching
August 2001

Embarking on the boat

On the Inside Passage

Port Hardy

Cape Scott Park

Gold River Walk
August 2001

Racoon, seeking our supper

Long Beach, Torfino

Buchart Gardens, Victoria, Vancouver Island

With Bob and Marcia Brown, Seattle
August 2001

Near Index, Washington

Cloud Berry

The Votive Kapelle for Ludwig ii

Short round trip

Denkmaler for Luwig

Peterborough Visit

Felicity and Fiona

With Grandma

with Rosaling and the girls

Paul and family

Pictures of the Berne Avenue House

View East from our Garmisch flat

Autumn Crocus not far from our Garmisch home

Visit and holiday in Argentina
October 2001

Which grandson?

And another - which one?


Nicky and family enjoying the pool

Michael, Will and James


Hippos at Buenos Aires Zoo


James trying out a toitoise shell ...

... and Charlie too


Visit to Iguazu Falls
October 2001

From the hotel

Southern Lapwing

Walk by the falls

The rainbow

Animal, unidentified

Animal, unidentified

The gorge below the falls

Down, underneath the Falls

On the Brazilian side

Our hotel, the Sheraton, from across the Iguazu river

Below the Falls ...

Rather wet

Iguazu: Butterflies and Bird Park





Back to the Falls

For sale in a gift shop

Trip to the ruins of the San Ignatio Mission
Ocotber 2001

The Mission

Walk, out on our own to a hidden waterfall

Back to Iguazu

Garter Snake

Yacatinga Lodge

The arrival

Iguazu River


In the jungle

An "88"butterfly

The landing stage

Planting a tree

The watery terrain

The group in residence

Butterfly "False Numbering"

Pat with our guide

Tall jungle tree

Unidentified mamal

The Lodge

Butterfly: Papilionidae Battus?

Garter snake

Our room in the lodge

Multitude of Butterflies enjoying a puddle

Peinsular Valdez, Ocotober 2001

Launching the boat

Whale watching: probably a Southern Right Whale

Stand off between sea lions

Probably Rock Cormorants

Pat, enjoying the boating

Oyster Catcher

Llamas ?

Magellan Penguins

Predatory Hawk

Sheep shearing

Before and After

With our driver and guide

Sea Lions

South Atlantic



Sea Lions

Again: with our guide

Orca fin?

Sheep shearing demonstration for numerous school children



Grilling for lunch

Sea Lions

Rock Cormorants

Return to Buenos Aires
October 2001

Michael and the boys



Mike & Nicky

The family



The three boys and Poppet


Home to Garmisch
October 2001

Clock, newly installed in Stotis Strasse

Loisach Bridge


November or December 2001



Berne Avenue; new Conservatory
December 2001

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Images: Pentax 100 zoom; scanned APS negatives; reduction: Photothumb