2020 Pictures in Chronological order

Walks on Cannock Chase and Apedale; January 2020

Cannock Chase

Reflections on a calm day

Picnic lunch at the stepping stones

Nervous selfie

The Wolf Moon with a penumbral lunar eclipse
right: the moon; centre: reflection in the first double glazing pane; left: reflection in two panes.
10 January 2020

Apedale, 12/1/2020

The route

Miscellaneous Items

From a poster in the Chancellor's Building: Peter skiing on the Keele Hall Lawn - probably in the 1970s.

Jigsaw: Ferdinand the Bull

Antoher childrens' jigsaw to keep

The Stafford Model Railway Show
February 2020

One side of a bus layout

The other

The external childrens' Railway

Englischer Garten & Nymphenburg Palace Gardens in Munich
February 2020

Englische Garten: from the Monopterous

The Monopterous

The Canal from Nymphenburg, looking East beyond the road bridge

Looking west towards Nymphenburg

From the Schloss, looking westward ...

... towards the West end of the canal

Schloss Nymphenburg

From the West End of the Canal

Snow in February, 2020

Visit of Melanie in March

Pat Jones and Melanie

Apedale Walk
March 2020

Visit to Angelsey, while at Llandudno
March 2020
Plas Newedd

Snowdonia from the Nebo road
On the way to Llandudno

The Stables at Plas Newedd
with Snowdonia in the background

Plas Newedd House

Stephenson's former tubular bridge over the Menai Staight

A bedroom in the house

Plas Newedd house, with the bridge behind

The heather bed

Opera in Llandudno
March 2020

Wind Turbines and an unknown object

Bizet's Carmen

Herring Gull on the pier

The half marathon along the promenade

Verdi's Sicilian Vespers
March 2020

Walk up to Llyn Idwal, Pat's fall and a sojourn in Bangor Hospital
March 2020

The Ogwen Centre with Y Garn in the background

Tryfan from the path to Cwm Idwal

Pat surveying a past triumph! - Y Garn

Y Garn from Llyn Idwal

Tryfan from the downward path

After falling, getting down and being taken off in the first responder's car, Patricia in the A& E department of Bangor Hospital

The next morning in the Ogwen ward of Bangor Hospital

A curious way to get to the loo.

Later; Coffee and a scone at Llangollen, on the way home.

Resting at home, the day after

Two days later, opera at the Lowry

The Quays from the Holiday Inn Express

Benjamin Britten: The Turn of the Screw

Kurt Weil: Street Scene

Bouquets & Pineapples
March 2020

From Ann Anderton
Corona Virus Cheerer

Nicola and Michael
Mother's Day

New pineapple growing ...

... and another on the second plant

The middle of the second week of the government lockdown because of the Covid-19 virus pandemic


Patricia, much improved from her injuries

The "pink Super Moon"
8th April 2020

Garden Flowers and Woodland Bluebells



Cherry Blossom

Pond Buttercups

Japanes Maple

Heather (flowering since December)

The first blossom on the new Magnolia

Bluebells in the woods above the house



Indoors - New Amarylllis blossoms

Singpore orchids emerged in February

Japanese Maple

The White Rhododendron

Walk to the Keele Woods and back through the University
April 2020


The Caldwell Educational Centre

The new section of campus

Splendid Rhododenron (outside Keele Hall)

Keele Hall

The route

Survey of the Garden Flowers for Michael

Apple and Crab Apple Blossom

The last of the Primroses (flowering since December)

The last of tulips (flowering since February)


Garden Bluebells

Forget me nots


Pond Buttercups


Crab Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom


Rhododenron Buds

The White Rhododendron



More Bluebells

The Red Rhododenron just coming out

Heather (flowering since December)

Japanese Maple

Hucera (just starting)

Pineapple (indoors!)


More Garden Flowers - with the Lock Down still on, one may not go elsewhere!

A cherry tree outside the house

The newer small pink Rhododenron

The White Rhododenron

The splendid pink rhododendron

The purple liilac

Amaralysis still blooming

The Singapore orchid, splendid as ever

Second Walk to Keele, the Clockhouse Drive and the Keele Woods, May 2020

The Bluebells still blooming

Pat with the Caldwell International Educational Building behind

Keele Hall

An azalea close to Keele Hall

The lowest lake

The route on a 1:50000 scale

A 1:25000 scale

Still more flowers after nearly two months of lock down

The White Rhodendron

The pink

The Amarylis

The red amaryliis

The Singa pore orchids

The Splendid Pink Rhododendron

The purple lilac

The red amarylis

Soldiering on

Pat on a woodland walk with the bluebells still preforming

The White lilac

The 75th Anniversary of VE Day, 8th May 1945

Strett Party in Saffron Street, Bletchley
Peter's Mother: 1st lady on the left; Peter, aged 10, first very small boy on the right of the table.
from J.A.Taylor, Bletchley and District at War

The party at Water Eaton showing Fairey's shop where Peter was an occasional errand boy
from J.A.Taylor, Bletchley and District at War

Enjoying Pat's home made cake at our locked down party!

The trees outside the house in blossom

A longer walk, passing Melanie's old house

Roses round a Uni. car park

Horwood Hall

Horwood Lodge; formerly the Horwood Hall Warden's (Melanie's) house

Keele Hall

In Springpool woods not far from the motorway

The route (1:50000)

Part of the route (1:25000)

More flowers and plants

A splendid red Amiryllis

Tomato plants

Courgette and Pumpkin plants

Fungus on a tree, near home

Flags (Irises)

Chives, flowering

The first flush of pink roses
Queen of Sweden

The longer walk, though Springpool, clockwise

Approaching the Clock House

Seen over Pat's right shoulder: the Clock House Drive

Resting outside Keele Hall

A late Rhododenron, in the woods above home

The route (1:50000)


Roses and Garden

Swallow in the house!

Roses in profusion
Queen of Sweden



Flags - light blue

deep blue

Weeding buttercups from the lawn!

Anotherr Keele Walk
June 2020

Rhododendron, not far from home

Approaching the top of the Horwood Hill

Keele Hall

A map of the various walks

A different route

More flowers in June

Indoor cactus

The profusion continues
Queen of Sweden



Another climber

Another Lock Down Walk

Near Horwood Z Blocks

Talking with Eunice across her garden fence at Springpool

Picnic lunch out ...

... surrounded by foxgloves

The route

More June Flowers

Roses on the side wall

Cacti, indoors

The Willow, re-growing at speed

Walk at Apedale


Father's Day gift basket from Nicky


Rhododenrons, again

Amarylis indoors



Hibiscus, indoors


Denis died in New Zealand in June

July activities


The remains of a bouquet

Splitting the Howarthia

A another walk to Keele Hall


Four kilograms!

A shorter walk


More flowers



More flowers and fruit
August 2020

Mike & Nicky's visit
August 2020

Trip to Keele Hall

On a swing in the woods

Keele Hall across the lake

White Thistles

Further August flowers

Tomato harvest

Pink roses; second flush


Potato harvest

Lovely view from the ridge on an afternoon walk

Cactus Flowers ...

...Second on this plant in 2020

Walk to Keele Lakes
August 2020

Dahlias at home

The house in the sunshine

Proceeding to Barker's Wood

The new hotel

The start of the new stucture on Lot 6

The Caldwell Centre

The observatory

Keele Hall

Back again at the Caldwell Centre ...

... and home again

Walk to Lymes Lane
September 2020

Break in Springpool Wood

Up the Clockhouse Drive

Keele Hall Court Yard

The new Hotel, seen from the Denise Coates Building where we were shelting from the rain and waiting for a taxi

The new structure on Lot 6

Eating the Home Grown Pineapples
September 2020

The two splendid pineapples

Slicing them

The Ode from Anne, having shared a pineapple

Pat folllowing a fall from the shed and a visit to the hospital

Wlak by myself aroung the new circle in the Uni.

Lot 6 under construction and the hotel, nearing completion

Keele sustainability hub

A grim selfie in the sunshine at Keele Hall

Keele Hall

The Caldwell Chilren's Centre

Harvesting oats on the way home

The Hydrangea, quite pink now

Gorgeous blackberries

The two last beans and the first pumpkin

Another walk to Keele
September 2020

Keele Hall

Horwood Lodge
( Melanie's old house)


Denise Coates Foundation Building

The new vetinary school under construction
Joint venture with Harper-Adams

Colin Mortimer's Funeral

House Flowers
September 2020

Cactus flower

Bowl of Roses



Keele Walk
Ocotober 2020

Sunny day for a longer walk


Keele Hall

The route

Home grown pumpkins

Shorter walk around the top of the hill

At home with the flowers

Cactus flower

Ice plant

Dahlias (provided by Barry)

Bouquet from Nicky and Michael

With Pat's carved pumpkin head


A rogue antirrhynum



The last of the roses

More Dahlias




Christmas Cactus

Uni walk, alone. Springpool woods, Clockhouse Drive and the Observatory.
November 2020

On the way back from the shop

Progress on the new Vetinary School

The lowest lake on a calm day

Lymes Lane, with heavy traffic on the Motorway

The Clock House Drive

Keele Hall

The Lawn and the Upper Lake

Mike's viist and my birthday

Michael, with a beard

With his Mum

Happy Birthday

Lighting the candles

The Christmas Tree Lights

Apedale Walk on Christmas Day

Walks and views in the post Christmas snow

Sunset, on Boxing Day?

Snow falling at 5.00 AM on the 27th

Berne Avenue

The back garden, 1

The back garden, 2

Later in the morning

Further Snow and Keele Walks

From the house

Walk to the University
Vetinary School gradually emerging

The Caldwell Building

Melanie's house with the launderette

The Hall's office (later walk)

Keele Hall

The Clock House

Our former House (29 Larchwood)

The Library

The Observatory (on the way home)

The new Vetinary School, under contruction)

The new Courtyard Hotel, being fitted out

Caldwell Building

Berne Avenue House in the snow



Happy Pat

The house from across the field

The back garden again!

Berne Avenue (again)

North east across Newcastle

The last pumpkin, awaiting transformation into soup

New Year's Eve; the field on the way to the Uni.

More external walls on the Vetinary Centre

Horwood Z blocks

Keele Hall

A perched rock on the second pond

Keele Hall again

The Observatory again

The Courtyard Hotel

The Buisness School

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Images: :Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Camera; scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb