Living at Keele, 1979

Also in 1979: Events, Visits, Sailing and Walking in Dartmouth, Skiing in Saas Fee

The Igloo
February 1979

Clock House Drive
a walk round the estate

with Melanie

Sledging on the Lawn
Mary Cohen with Rachael

Chris Tough on the back of Michael's skis

Winner of the Football Pools
Just 49 pence!

Burleigh House

An orchid

Totoiseshell Butterflies on the Buddliea

Steve and Mike - off to play squash

Lunch at the Plesch's for the External Examiner

Pat's Discharge Flow Shock Tube apparatus
The gas handling end ...

... and the detector and electronics

Paul at 21

Christmas 1979; the last one we had together!

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Images:Olympus 35RC camera, scanned negatives; reduction: Photothumb