Dartmouth, 1979

Also in 1979: Events, Visits, Sailing and Walking in Dartmouth, Skiing in Saas Fee

our flat is on the 2nd floor above "Royal"

The harbour mouth, from the bedroom

on the Dart

a cliff walk

launching Singlet-Delta-G

at sea (with the motor)!

Anne: the Barbour's visit


warm ...

... and cold

pre-dinner drinks!

naval tug

wood, bound up river for Totnes

a naval destroyer

Westra, Eric Whittle's boat

with Eric on Westra, bound for Start Point

at sea

Start Point Lighthouse

a bit greener

Night swim from the front door

By car to Start Point on ...

...the day of the Fastnet Race

Start Point light house

in the garden

crab for tea

on the beach ...

... and three swimming from the cliffs

The boy's fishing trip

our Dartmoor walk, in the rain

A cliff walk

Up river to Totnes


swinmming in a muddy creek

rendezvous with Melanie and her nephew


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Images: Olympus 35RC, scanned negatives; web reduction with Photothumb