Re-Roofing the House, 2014

Also in 2014: Events, Garden, Visits, Walks, Paul, Stephen, Michael, Peter's 80th Birthday, Holidays:Winter Skiing, Boating, Northumberland, Bayreuth

Re-roofing the House
May 2014

Scaffolding for the first-stage: ...

... replacing felt, laths, tiles and guttering

Part of the Apple Team
Chris, Mark and AJ

modern conveyor for the new tiles

inside view (Mark)

Extra scaffolding to repair the newly-discovered problems with the flat roof

View from the roof: Newcastle and the potteries ...

... Berne Avenue

... and our car

Intrepid phtographer

AJ: removing the edge of the old flat roof

The owner

Chris: the boss at work

The Apple Team again

The new roof ...

... front ...

... back

Apple Roofing and Building
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Our Contractor

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Image: Canon Powershot 210 IS; web reduction with Photothumb