Events, Activities and Living 2014

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with Melanie to visit Sylvia Richards
January 2014

with Melanie at home

an attempted "selfie"

Re-juvenating the laptop
March 2014

battery disconnect

additional memory in place

RSC award
March 2014

Certificate and ...

... plate

Gwenda's 80th Birthday Party
April 2014


The Eulogy!

Harriet & Venetia

Gwenda, with birthday balloon

listening to ...

... the reply

The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery
Somewhat Abstract
May 2014

Bridget Riley, Movement in Squares

Home knitted cushion
Venita Parry

Sylvia Richard's Funeral
June 2014

Sylvia, in her heyday

The Crematorium in a remarkable setting
photo: Aberystwyth Crematorium

To contemplate the view
photo: Aberystwyth Crematorium

Aberystwyth beach

The Castle

The Cliff Railway

in the Castle


RSC meeting at Dorridge and meeting Marylin

The Royal Train at Stoke

Marylin at Dorridge

Melanie to stay and friends to lunch

Pat & Gurnos Jones to lunch with Melanie

Kathy and Denis Dixon to lunch with Melanie

at Stoke station

with melanie to Trentham Monkey Park


baby attempting first climb

looking after the baby

The Ranger's presentation

Enid to lunch
October 2014

with the new phone camera
October 2014

with Gurnos and Pat Jones

with Tony Johns ...

... at Aston Marina

Leslie Orrell

Trick with the new phone camera

Opera Madness
October - November 2014

Glass, The Trial

WNO, Llandudno
Rossini, Moses in Egypt

WNO, Llandudno
Rossini, William Tell

Wexford, preparations

Kevin Puts, Silent Night

Antoine Mariotte, Salomé

with Richard Morris ...

... and Ian Clarkson

Antonio Cagnoni, Don Bucefalo

Birmingham: the Hippodrome
from the hotel

Birmingham: The Marinsky Ring
Das Rheingold

Inside the Hippodrome

The orchestra pit

Birmingham: The Marinsky Ring
Die Walküre

Brünnhilde's Curtain Call

Birmingham: The Marinsky Ring

Birmingham: The Marinsky Ring

A chat with Valery Gergiev, the conductor, in his dressing room

Signing Pat's programme

The Programme

At the Lowry, Salford

The Bartered Bride
photo: Robert Workman, Opera North

The curtain

with Tony Johns

The Lowry again!

Media City

The Outlet mall

Coronation of Poppea
photo: Opera North

The Merry Widow
December 2014

SCR Dinner: The Keele Experiment

Pat, David and Sheila, Robert and Margaret

Anna and Paul Truman

The "Monday" group to lunch

Hilary, Derek, Robert, John, David and Margaret, with Pat

Christmas Dinner
organised by Sheila and David Morgan

preparations in the Old Common Room

Margaret Bird, David Cohen, Patricia and Ted Turner, Colin Mortimer, David Morgan, Robert Smith, Georgina Pritchard and Eunice Mortimer

Eunice, Patricia, Sheila Morgan, Mary Cohen, Margaret

Our waitresses with spectacular hairstyles

Lunch for the Inquirers

An unexpected outcome ...

... Pat Wilson removed to hospital!

Relegated to the kitchen: Pat with Misbah Deen, Rick Marshall and Alan Treherne

Considering a faulty light bulb

Christmas Jigsaws

Monet; wooden

Roade Station, 1946

Tony to lunch
30th December

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Image: Canon Powershot 210 IS (from October: Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone Camera); web reduction with Photothumb