Visits 2014

Also in 2014: Events, Garden, Visits, Walks, Paul, Stephen, Michael, Peter's 80th Birthday, Holidays:Winter Skiing, Boating, Northumberland, Bayreuth

February 2014

Alte Pinakothek; the access staircase




Leonardo da Vinci?



Josse de Momper; the Ruined Bridge


El Greco


The Opera: Turandot

Wearing 3D specs with George ...

... Ailien, Irmgard, Roswitha ... ...

... Christa and Paul

Walk in the Englische Garten
Prinz-Karl Palais


The Frauenkirche, from the Kaufhof Cafe

At the Paros Tavera

Bishaop's Walthamstow
The Palace

The kitchen and brewery

The Keep

Our bed and breakfast
Post Mead

Former Pub in the Village

Winchester Cathedral
April 2014

The Nave

The Chancel

The High Altar

the North Aisle

Silent II by Anthony Gormley ...

... in the flooded Crypt

Petworth House and Park
April 2014

The Rotunda

The Doric Temple

The House Entrance

The Chapel

The North Bay



by the Le Nain brothers


Henry VIII after Holbein

Grinling Gibbons carving

van Dyck


van Dyck

The Royal Bed

The park

The front of the House

Deer in the park

The Rotunda

Whitmore Hall with Probus
June 2014

The entrance hall

Our hosts: Christine and Guy Cavenagh-Mainwaring

The wall of the old house, encased in the present walls

The gardens

The stables

Munich Opera Visit
June 2014

The Opera: Bellini, Montagues and Capulets

Micky, Gastehaus Brunnstein


The Villa Stuck

The Friedensengel

Musik Salon

Stuck: Tochter Mary

Stuck: Blasender Faun

Modern ceiling

Empfangs Salon



Stuck: Tochter Mary

Lunch in the garden

Walk from Iffeldorf to Seeshaupt

Ostersee with Herzogstand and Heimgarten

Train: Munich Kochel


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker


The ferry arriving at Seeshaupt

Seeshaupt from the ferry

The lake steamer

Off into the storm

After the rainstorm


Cy Twombly, Roses
Brandhorst Museum, Munich

Cy Twombly, Battle of Lepanto

The fountain: Orleansplatz

Buxton Opera Festival
July 2014

Walk: Solomon's Temple & the Golf Course

Another occupant

past the obstacle

On the tower

With friends at the Roseleigh Guest House...

... Richard L., Clare,
Richard M., Ian

The new pillar in the playground

Picture in La Brasserie
this could almost have been Stephen in Orsay in 1974!

Edinburgh & Will's Circus

Will, practising
at the Edinburgh Mela




with Grandma

Sari stall at the Edinburgh Mela

The Castle

at the top of Arthur's Seat

"yes" vote from the distant ski slope

Arthur's Seat

The concluding firework display of the Festival

The Dome Bar

Bray and Wexford
October 2014

Sunrise, from our room

The Ulysses Guest House

Bray sea front

A drone!

on the ground

Wexford with the opera house

The fish quay

Cormorant fishing

Little Gull

Birmingham for the Ring
and the Lickey Hills

The Bull Ring Church

The Bull decorated for Remembrance Day

The view from the hotel

The Staffordhire Hoard
at the Birmingham Museum

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Myako Teppanyaki Restaurant



The Le Truc Restaurant

Birmingham from Rednal Hill

The Longbridge Works

Wet cobwebs

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