Northumberland and Durham
May 2014

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Barnard Castle
May 2014

The Tees

The Cutain Wall, up from the Tees

The Keep and main residence

Durham Cathedral
May 2014

View along the Wear
from the BHS Cafe!

The Chancel

The Choir

The Pieta

Durham Castle

The Market Place
The 3rd Marquess of Londonderry

May 2014

from our B&B

Tide's out

Grey Heron in the Aln

The bridge over the Aln

The Northumberlan Coast Path
Walk to Warkworth





Star of Bethlehem

Warkworth Castle
May 2014

across the town

River Coquet

The Castle

The Keep

The Little Stair Tower and the Lion Tower

To the sea and Coquet Island

The kitchen, in the Keep

Linhope Spout and Hedgehope Hill
The Cheviots
May 2014

The road from Hartside with Rhododenrons

Linhop Spout

Looking down from the top

Hedgehope Hill

Spring Lambs

Bluebells and Gorse on Brough Law

Alnwick Castle and Gardens
May 2014



The castle

An early Percy

The Keep

The china corridor

in the chapel

a late Percy

The Aln Bridge

The Alnwick Garden

in the town

Barter Books in the old Railway Station

May 2014

The Milennium Bridge, opening; ...

... open ...

...boat traffic ...

... closed

The Newcastle High Level Bridge, from the Baltic

The Swing Bridge

The High Level Bridge from the Millenium Bridge

The Sage, Gateshead

from the Millenium Bridge

Cleaning the Sage

The Baltic
Museum of Contemporary Art

From the Baltic: the Millenium Bridge ...

...opening for show ...

... open

From the Baltic: the Sage

Forbidden (to photograph) Art

Kittiwakes ...

... nesting

The castle, Newcastle

The Angel of the North

Patricia to the right

Richmond Castle
May 2014

Richmond from the Keep Tower

Top of the Keep Tower

towards Scolland's Hall

in the Keep

The first floor of the Keep

The old main gate

The Keep

Scolland's Hall

in the Cockpit Garden

Scolland's Hall

River Swale from the Castle

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