Conny, Stephen & family, 2011

Also in 2011: Events, Garden, Walks, Visits, Paul, Stephen, and Michael.    Holidays

Timmy, January 2011
photo: Conny

Tim, February visit

Stephen, February visit

Conny, February visit

February visit

Loughborough; Stephen with Mum and nephew, James
February 2011

at Paul & Rosalind's
Stephen with father, brother, Paul, and nephew, James

Timmy & Steve with Gurnos Jones
at the FA Cup Semi final
April 2011

Three brothers

Biddulph Grange
August 2011

Conny and Stephen


Biddulph Grange

The Chinese Garden

with Timmy and Sarah

the Egyptian Garden

with the the family

the Redwood way

the top of the way

The Dahlia Garden

Mow Cop
August 2011

The Old Man of Mow

farewell to Sarah

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