Visits 2011

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Clevedon Minature Railway


with Melanie

walk to Sprey Point

automatic picture taking
triggered by someone new in the picture


more camera automation at the Ness restaurant, Shaldon

triggered by a wink!

triggered by a smile

Smugglers' tunnel to Ness Cove

Cormorants near Ness beach

Ness Cove

Stephen here for the Stoke game
February 2001

Mum's Paella
photo: Stephen

James outside his residence at Loughborough

with James and Stephen

at Paul & Rosalind's for lunch together with Stephen & James

James with two uncles and granddad

Bodnant Gardens
March 2011

The House and View


the Dell



the House

A Tour of the Opera House in Munich
October 2011

The Staatsoper

our guide

From the stalls
scenery construction

for the Rosencavalier

The Auditorium from the stage

The Royal Box

Part of the Rosencavalier set

The vast side storage

The stage machinery below

The lifting space above the stage

The auditorium ceiling

In the orchestra pit



The grand staircase

The Royal Drawing Room
(part of the promenade)

From the Royal Box
(scenery construction)

The Rosencavalier

The Theatinerkirche

October 2011

The Chiemsee Bahn
out of season!

The ferry to the Herren Insel

the West Front

The Grand Staircase

view to the West

The East front

View to the East

Autumn Colour

from the East
from the Rundweg

Chiemsee looking South

from the West
from the Rundweg

November 2011

The pier and wind farm

The town and Little Orme, from Haulfre Gardens

The Conwy estuary from Haulfre Gardens


from the promenade
The Great Orme

from the promenade
The Little Orme

November 2011

Walk at Barnack Hills and Holes

nearby windmill

with Rosalind and Paul


Excercising the horses

with Archie

stepping Ginny over the poles

Visit from Michael
December 2011

Stoke Station

Virgin Pendolino arriving

with Mike, arrived from Kazakstan vis Moscow

walk at Keele

Rutland, Barton and Cambridge
December 2011

Walk at Rutland Water in a brisk cold wind

Empingham, St Peter's Church

St Peter's, Barton

The Coxes' House

Department of Chemistry, Lensfield Road, Cambrige

Opening plaque - I was there in 1958!

with Markus Kalberer and Tony Cox

My old office and lab - much changed ...

... and modernised

Outside the Scott Polar Institute

Rutland water again on a stormy cold day

appreciable waves

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